How to Donate

Step 1

Locate the parish you want to donate to by first clicking on the 'Parishes' menu. A drop down list will apear with all the parish areas. Click on the area in which your parish is located.




Step 2

Choose your parish from the list.




Step 3

A page will open showing details of your selected parish




Step 4

Scroll down the page and you will be presented with your donation options. Choose from a one off or regular weekly donation. Weekly donations are taken once a month to save on transaction costs. In the example below a weekly donation of £10 has been chosen which is £40 per month. When you have chosen your amount click on the 'Donate' button.




Step 5

You will be presented with a summary of your donation. If you are happy with the details click on 'Make my Donation'.


Step 6

Before you donate you have the opportunity to include your donation as Gift Aid. This means if you are a UK tax payer HMRC will add 20% to your donation. In the example above your £10 per week donation is worth £12 per week to your parish. All you need to do is click on the 'Yes' box before you checkout. 


 Step 7

This is the part where we need some personal information so that we can process your donation. The website is completely secure and all the information is encryted. You can choose to checkout as a guest or register. The process is similar for both. The benefit of registering means that you can add a password and sign in again at a later date if you want to check or change your donation.




Step 8

The next page will ask you for some personal information. The section on Gender and Date of Birth are optional and are only there to help with privacy if you need to get in touch.


Step 9

When you have entered your information click on continue. You will be returned to the checkout page.

Step 11

Click 'Checkout' one last time


Step 12

Last but not least - enter your payment details. You will be asked to confirm your payment after you click on 'Submit' and you will receive an email shortly afterwards with details of your donation